Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sailing right along ...

On Tuesday night (Aug. 19), I finished the fronts of my cardigan, attached the fronts to the back, completed the back neck trim and tucked in all the yarn ends. On Wednesday morning, I cast on for the first sleeve and as of this morning, I was up to the elbow. Also, this morning, I blocked the bodice of the sweater. Blocking it required quite a bit of scrunching to conform it to the measurements. It really looks beautiful to me. I'm thinking more and more that this cardigan will be entered into the fair. I've never entered any projects in the fair (Panhandle South Plains Fair), but this seems a likely candidate. My Geese Gone Goofy ruana may also be entered once I redistribute the yarn that got caught in a brooch while hanging in my closet -- reminder that I need to post photos of this project.

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