Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Faith knitting

Faith is going really well. I am above the armpits on the back. I think the sleeves will be different from the sleeves designed for the sweater. In my opinion, those balloon sleeves just don't seem to fit with the rest of the sweater design. I will start the sleeves in the same way as the peplum and make them close fitting from cuff to shoulder. I think I will be more pleased. The yarn seems to be working well for this design.

I think I want to make another Faith-like sweater from a different yarn. I like the sweater shape very well, but I don't think that reverse stockinette as the main stitch for the body is the best choice. I think I will make one for my sister (who wants a black sweater) with a higher neckline, using stockinette stitch as the main stitch on the bodice and sleeves and using a delicate cable stitch that I like very much instead of the rows of eyelets on the front, sleeves and back. The cable stitch seems most like the gull stitch cable in the Barbara Walker books, but it was called the "lobster stitch" in an old Vogue Knitting when I first encountered it in about 1980. The fabric and style modifications will make a more modest garment and a lovely difference in stitch patterns. -- at least these are my thoughts at this time --

Friday, July 09, 2010

Started knitting for the fair

Today, I started knitting on my entry in the "sweater" category at the Panhandle South Plains Fair. It is "Faith" (Heartfelt the Dark House) by Kim Hargreaves. I am using Knit Picks Andean Treasure 100% alpaca yarn in Summer Sky (blue) for the garment. At this time, I do not plan to make any modifications except to make the sleeves more fitted. I would like to have made Erin from the same book; however, I only have 15 skeins (110 yds/50 gm) of the yarn and the color has been discontinued. A co-worker gave me 5 skeins for Christmas last year and I purchased 10 skeins. I have planned to knit a garment from the yarn before she retires next February so that she can see what I've made with the gifted yarn.

I think this project will not take more than 3-3.5 weeks to complete. Then I need to work on my entry for the "vest" category, Meg Swansen's "Mimbres Vest." I have ordered the yarn from Schoolhouse Press.

Last month, I began a major project -- doing my best to exercise and eat more intentionally. To start with, I joined a nearby Curves gym. So far, I am enjoying the program and feeling increased energy; although I don't believe I have lost more than a couple of pounds and maybe a couple of inches. There have been a few activities that have interfered with my getting a really good start on the program: VBS, and vacation. Nonetheless, I like being more mindful of my activity level and what I take into my body.