Monday, August 11, 2008

Knitting is going swimmingly

Three days of knitting when I can, and I'm up past the armpits on the back of my cardigan. I think that is good progress. I should be able to finish the back and cast on for the front by bedtime tonight. The yarn is really good to work with and shows off the texture very well.

Since I am such a buxom broad, I have decided to modify the front pattern slightly to add more ease over the bustline. I will add another pattern sequence to each side of the front, then decrease those stitches away after I've done the armscye shaping -- sort of a dart next to the front panel. I see no reason at this time that it would not work out well.

The yarn for my second Ravelympics project has still not arrived. I'm not exactly depressed over the delay because I'm not at all sure I will even be able to get to the socks after knitting the cardigan.

All this sitting and knitting is taking a toll on my neck and shoulders -- must take time to get some exercise.

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