Friday, September 12, 2008

Sock woes

Several days ago, I got as far as the middle of the leg of the second sock when I decided to suspend working on it because it will not be suitable to be a fair entry. The reason for its current status is that the socks are for me and therefore, the left leg must be larger than the right leg due to my lymphedema. So---, I have started a second pair of almost "Spring Thaw Socks" for the fair. These are made from Paton's Stetchy Sock yarn, very like the Dancing yarn that Knit Picks used to carry. The colors in the ball look sort of like old bubblegum stuck to the bottom of a desk. When the yarn is knitted, the color blend really comes alive with purples, greens, cream, pink. Unfortunately, because the yarn is multicolored, the leaves don't show up as well as they do with solid colored yarn. I have begun the outer spiral of leaves over the knuckle of the great toe instead of in the middle of the top of the foot, and I am eliminating the inner spiral. So far, I like the derived design a bit better than the original. I'll just have to wait and see how it turns out.

I really need to complete the "Leafy Fall Cardigan" by assembling the pieces. All the knitting is completed and the pieces have been blocked. It will be a lovely, soft, colorful sweater -- perfect for cool fall days and a great addition to my wardrobe -- I hope. I have not yet tried on the sweater, so I don't know how it will fit me. Perhaps, sewing the cardigan together will be my craft night project for tonight.

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