Monday, August 23, 2010

Faithless "Faith"

Well, that reverse stockinette stitch in Faith was bugging me so much that I have frogged Faith. I did not frog the cuffs and peplum because I really like them and the sweater I will knit from the yarn will still incorporate those pieces. I just want to change the pattern stitches on the main body of the garment. Faith will never make it to the fair -- at least not this year.

On a totally different subject -- on Saturday, I did a household task that should never be attempted in the heat of summer. I decided it was time to run the self-cleaning cycle on my oven. The cycle takes five hours to complete and heats up the kitchen something awful. I'm sure it is not a process that should be started during peak electrical usage hours. I will probably have to ransom my first-born child to pay my electric bill for August.

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