Friday, July 09, 2010

Started knitting for the fair

Today, I started knitting on my entry in the "sweater" category at the Panhandle South Plains Fair. It is "Faith" (Heartfelt the Dark House) by Kim Hargreaves. I am using Knit Picks Andean Treasure 100% alpaca yarn in Summer Sky (blue) for the garment. At this time, I do not plan to make any modifications except to make the sleeves more fitted. I would like to have made Erin from the same book; however, I only have 15 skeins (110 yds/50 gm) of the yarn and the color has been discontinued. A co-worker gave me 5 skeins for Christmas last year and I purchased 10 skeins. I have planned to knit a garment from the yarn before she retires next February so that she can see what I've made with the gifted yarn.

I think this project will not take more than 3-3.5 weeks to complete. Then I need to work on my entry for the "vest" category, Meg Swansen's "Mimbres Vest." I have ordered the yarn from Schoolhouse Press.

Last month, I began a major project -- doing my best to exercise and eat more intentionally. To start with, I joined a nearby Curves gym. So far, I am enjoying the program and feeling increased energy; although I don't believe I have lost more than a couple of pounds and maybe a couple of inches. There have been a few activities that have interfered with my getting a really good start on the program: VBS, and vacation. Nonetheless, I like being more mindful of my activity level and what I take into my body.

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