Tuesday, January 12, 2010

More photos

For Christmas, I made the Flowered Cardigan for my mother. The design is from Rebecca Lennox for Elmwood Yarn Shop. I used Knit Picks Swish DK superwash merino in amethyst heather on US 5 needles. My mother was pleased with her gift -- and -- best of all, it fits her.

The photo above, Reversible Vest from Knit One Below, received a first-place ribbon at the Panhandle South Plains Fair in September, 2009. It is made of two colors of sport weight Peace Fleece yarn, which when used together sort of remind me of pigeon feathers -- gray when viewed from a distance, but violet and green when viewed close up. I spit spliced the yarn to eliminate ends to weave in; however, I could not figure any way to avoid weaving in ends at the beginning and at the shoulders. So, my reversible vest is not reversible. The buttons that the I-cord is passed through are metal and partially overlaid with mother of pearl. I think they are perfect buttons for the garment. Alas, the vest is quite large, both too long and too big around for me or for my sister, so I will probably felt it. I am afraid that if I felt it, the loops for the buttons will not go over the buttons, so I am hesitating on felting.

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