Friday, July 31, 2009

Tee Leaves Photos

I have been enjoying wearing my new top, the Tee Leaves top. It is comfortable and the fit is loose enough to be comfortable without being too baggy. If I were making this design again, and I probably will use the basic design again, I would make the armscye more shallow and that would make the sleeves not so wide at the underarm. This is the first garment that I have made that I put in bust darts, and I really like the fit. The top does not stand out or ride up at the lower front. I made the neck trim as a straight band that is basically a 2 by 2 ribbing except the middle rib is twisted and then attached the band when it was long enough to fit the neckline. One other thing that I did on this garment that I have never done before, I made the leaf edging to my hip and forearm measurements, made each piece into a ring, and picked up stitches for the garment from the straight edge of the border. I think it worked out well.

Tee Leaves top

Detail of the leaf edging

Detail of neckline trim

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