Friday, June 05, 2009

Decision made!

I have definitely decided to rip out the Ogee Tunic. I will photograph it first to show why it must be frogged. It is a case of a design and a yarn that are not compatible. The cables and the lace are invitations to split the yarn. Believe me when I tell you that 100% bamboo yarn does not need any excuse to split. When manipulating stitches with this yarn, the stitches become distorted because of the slipperiness of the yarn. I will definitely reuse the yarn. It was too expensive to abandon, although, I really would rather abandon it. I have a project in mind for it. Another reason not to like the yarn is that it has absolutely no body. It is so drapey that it hangs like a lifeless old dishrag.

To assuage my guilt and to bolster my confidence, I have begun a simple tee using Elann Callista (50% viscose, 25% cotton, 25% linen). Now, this is a yarn that is more to my liking. It shows stitch definition wonderfully, has a bit of crispness to its texture, but is, at the same time, soft. It is a cohesive yarn, showing no tendency to split. For the most part, the knitting can be on "auto pilot," but there are a few details that will make it a pretty garment.

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